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Bespoke Consultation

Should your standard eye exam produce findings that suggest your eyes require further testing, Amy will conduct a very specific and bespoke consultation and examination, using the instruments and tests from your standard eye exam again to examine your eyes in much more detail.

Advanced Technology: We combine the very latest technology with traditional optometric testing, including computerised diagnostic glaucoma screening and an optical binocular microscope, to ensure we can give you the best advice and treatment possible to accommodate your eyes.

Smith & Swepson Opticians Ltd is also one of very few opticians to use Optomap - a new generation of high tech scanning technology which can detect everything from brain tumours to heart disease.  We recommend incorporating Optomap into your standard eye exam however it is at an extra cost, and can be used at the customer's discretion

Referral: Should your eyes require specialist treatment for conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration or glaucoma, Smith and Swepson has long standing relationships with renowned consultant ophthalmologists, and expert nutritionists, including Realistic Nutrition, and the Consultant Eye Surgeons Partnership (CESP). We regularly refer people to the Consultant Eye Surgeons Partnership, a group of the most experienced eye surgeons across the UK, who offer the best treatment possible both privately and on the NHS.


We combine the very latest technology with traditional optometric testing

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