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 Contact Lens Tips: 
The Do's & Don'ts


  • Always follow the information and advice you are given as a contact lens wearer, as they are classed as a medical device. 

  • Always wash and dry your hands prior to handling your lenses. 

  • Always rub, rinse and store your lenses in the recommended solution before and after each use (except single use lenses which should be discarded after each wear). 

  • Always apply the same lens first as it will avoid mixing them up. Check the lens is not inside out before insertion.  

  • Insert your lenses before applying your makeup and always remove them before removing your makeup.  When spraying hairspray or other aerosols, keep your eyes closed.

Contact lenses
  • Replace your contact lens case at least monthly and never over-wear your contact lenses (30 day, 2 weekly or daily) as the lenses are designed for frequent replacement. 

  • It is important to have regular checkups as advised by your practitioner alongside your regular Eye Examination.  These appointments are different and are put in place to protect your eyes.

  • Always have an up to date pair of spectacles for when you need to remove your lenses or when you cannot wear them.  Contact lenses are not a replacement for glasses but rather an alternative.

  • Always check your eye drops are safe to use with contact lenses.

  • Always use the solution that is recommended by the practitioner and never use lenses or solutions that are past the expiry date. 



  • It is vital that your contact lenses or lens case do not come into contact with tap water or any other liquid. Lenses that do must be discarded straight away. This includes bathing, washing your face, swimming and showering (even if you close your eyes). 

  • You mustn’t wear your lenses if your eyes don’t feel good, look good or see well. 

  • If you happen to drop your lenses, do not re-wear these without cleaning and storing them again. 

  • You mustn’t decant your solution into smaller containers and you must not re-use or top up your solution. Discard and replace with fresh solution each time your lenses are stored. Always use the solution that is recommended by the practitioner and never use lenses or solutions that are past the expiry date. 

  • If you have left your lenses in your case for longer than three days, do not wear your lenses without cleaning them. 

  • Do not sleep in your lenses unless advised by your practitioner.

  • Never under any circumstances share your lenses with another person.

  • Ask yourself three questions each time you wear your lenses:

- Do my eyes feel good with my lenses in? - No discomfort

- Do my eyes look good? – No redness

- Can I see well? – no unusual blurring with either eye

If the answer to any of these questions is no, leave your lenses out and contact your practitioner immediately and we will advise on how to proceed.

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