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Will I Become Dependent on my Glasses?

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“I’ve been told that if I get glasses, my eyes will become dependent on them”

This is a something we hear all the time and so, for the benefit of you dear readers, it’s time for a quick analogy.

Imagine a world before the washing machine. Having to wash everything by hand in a tub, the rubbing and the soap making your hands sore. Then having to run it through a mangle to get rid of most of the water by turning the handle and making your arms and back ache. It’s hard work, but you get used to it.

Then someone turns up with a super-duper, gleaming white washing machine. Shazam! Immediately, life is better. You have more time. Your back and arms and hands don’t ache like they did before. Life is good.

And then one day it’s isn’t. Disaster strikes. Your lovely new washing machine is on the blink and it can’t be repaired for a week. “What shall I do?” you think. Then inspiration strikes! I’ll get out the tub and the mangle (yes, yes, I know you’d actually go to the laundrette or round to your mums, but stay with me). “Yes, that’s what I’ll do. A bit of hard work won’t kill me”. And out they come and you set to work.

It’s only now, when you have the two things to compare, that you realise just how much hard work that used to be. The aches and pains and sheer inconvenience now seem so much more worse. You haven’t grown dependent on the washing machine. You’ve come to appreciate just how much easier life is with it. That’s what your glasses do for you. Your eyes don’t change because of your glasses but your life does and it changes for the better. In the end, why would you want to make your life harder?


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