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Your Eye Test

Your standard eye exam or check up is designed to perform a routine health check of your eyes. Amy will ask you some simple questions before performing a series of easy tests to examine both the interior and exterior of your eyes. This will take approximately 40 minutes. 

Examining The Eye: Your eyes will be examined internally by an ophthalmoscope, a small hand held instrument which shines a light through the pupil of your eye to view its structure more closely and clearly.

Vision: A field test is used to see if you have any obstruction/ blind spots affecting your normal field of vision. You will be asked to look at a screen which has small dots of light appearing at different intervals and locations. Every time you see a dot appear you will be asked to press a button on a hand device.

Pressure: By puffing a small pocket of air into each of your eyes individually, we can test how hard or soft they are, depending on how easy it is for the air to indent your cornea. The smaller the indent, the harder your eyes are, which in some cases can be a strong indication of glaucoma which can cause blindness. 

Focus: You will be asked to read some letters, both when looking through a series of trial lenses and without any lenses at all, to assess how strong your sight is. Throughout the process you will be asked to express your opinion on the effect of the lens on the clarity, quality and comfort of your eyes.

Movement & Coordination: You will be asked to cover each eye individually and follow various targets in the room to test the ease with which your eyes move together and on their own. 

Your Prescription: Once your eye exam is complete, should you need eyewear, we will advise you whether your eyes need examining further, or if our findings are sufficient enough to prescribe you with glasses or contact lenses straight away. We will then write you a lens prescription which will be discussed with you in your fashion clinic.

As part of our commitment to the highest standard of eye care, we are delighted to offer you a new type of retinal examination - the optomap® Retinal Laser Scanner.

Eye Examination

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